What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

Digital asset management (DAM) systems are gaining in popularity among marketers, designers, and sales reps. Why? DAM systems make it easier to manage your brand by structuring your digital assets more efficiently. But what is digital asset management? And why exactly do you need a DAM system?

What is Digital Asset Management?

Browsing through endless folder structures to find the right image — Your sales team who are ignoring your brand guidelines — Designers spending more time responding to small requests for assets than actually creating content. Recognizable? In most companies, digital assets are scattered throughout the organization leading to these kinds of situations.

With digital asset management, you can solve these issues by structuring all your digital assets. By doing this, you will streamline your marketing efforts, and save valuable time publishing your digital content.

Google digital asset management and you will find multiple definitions, but it all comes down to this:

Digital Asset Management allows organizations to easily store, organize, find, manage, create, distribute, and analyze all their digital content. It helps you keep control of your brand identity and improve your overall marketing performance.

In most cases DAM is performed by using a central source where digital assets are stored and organized. These central sources are called digital asset management systems.

What is a digital asset management system?

A DAM system is a single source of truth for all your digital assets. It is a solution that goes further than just a simple media library. You can streamline your marketing efforts, and save time publishing your digital content.

Managing digital assets without a DAM is a frustrating process, especially when you have hundreds and thousands of assets. Just think of all the different channels, formats, file types you have to consider. You want all your assets organized and categorized so they can be easily found, everywhere, anytime.

A DAM system gives you total control of who uses your digital assets and how. This prevents the inadequate use of assets that could damage your brand. You can also upload essential brand guidelines to your DAM system — safeguarding your brand identity company-wide.

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