What Are The Best PDF Alternatives And How To Get Started

Raul Tiru
3 min readJul 2, 2021


Make the Switch From PDFs to Smart Web Publications

Create media-rich, interactive documents that are mobile friendly and measurable.

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Easy to use

You won’t need a designer

With our intuitive drag & drop editor and suite of customizable templates, you’ll save on design costs and speed up your turnaround time.

  • Get lots of professionally designed templates
  • Use our powerful media library to manage your assets
  • Build it fast with our easy to use drag & drop editor
  • Everything is fully customizable to fit your brand


Perfectly responsive right out of the box

Regardless of what screen size your audience uses, your digital publication will look equally gorgeous on every device.

  • Your publications are responsive out-of-the-box
  • Make micro-adjustments for different screen sizes
  • Mobile users can easily swipe through your publication
  • Show or hide content blocks on different screen sizes

Visually Immersive

Make your content come to life

With rich animations, background videos, and fluid transitions, your digital publication will leave a lasting impression.

  • Use our big selection of animations and transitions
  • Embed videos or use them as full-screen backgrounds
  • Upload your own custom fonts and always stay on-brand
  • Engage readers with forms, CTAs, hotspots, and overlays

Fully measurable

Measure, optimize, and grow your ROI

Foleon publications are built with cutting edge technology that lets you measure every aspect of reader behavior.

  • See important metrics at a glance with our reporting dashboard
  • Integrate your digital publication with Google Analytics for more detail
  • Use remarketing pixels to reach your audience after they leave
  • Update and optimize your content even after publishing

Cutting-edge features

Our extensive collection of features and settings empowers you to produce remarkable, interactive content without getting in your way.

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Reach visitors on Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn even after they leave your publication with remarketing pixels.

Powerful SEO options

Increase visibility and get your digital publication found more often on search engines with our SEO optimization features.

Rich animations

Bring your content to life with fluid animations that activate as your readers browse through your pages.

Full video support

Create stunning effects using full-screen background videos and embedded video elements on your pages.


Bring new interactivity to your Foleon publications with hotspots that, when triggered, open overlays with more content.

Professional templates

Choose from our extensive library of professionally designed, fully-customizable templates to help you get started.

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