Website Building: 9 Tips To Make Your NGO’s Website Effective and Awesome

Have a mobile-optimized design

  • 80% of internet users own a smartphone
  • Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones.
  • Over 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up.
  • 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site.
  • 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy.
  • 58% of companies surveyed have a dedicated mobile marketing team.
  • Mobile email opens have grown by 180% in the last three years.

Make things easy to find

Capture emails

Have an email newsletter

  • There are over 3.7 billion email users in the world currently, which means the projected number of users by 2021 is 4.1 billion. (Statista)
  • It’s predicted that the United States will spend over 350 million dollars on email advertising in 2019. (Statista)
  • Email’s average ROI is 28.5% compared to 7% for direct mail. (Chief Marketer)
  • 59% of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI. (Emma)
  • Email marketing drives $44 for every $1 spent. (Campaign Monitor)
  • 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media. (MarketingSherpa)
  • Email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources. (QuickSprout)
  • Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. (McKinsey)
  • An email campaign is 6 times more likely to result in a click-through than from a tweet. (Campaign Monitor)
  • The average order value of an email is at 3 times higher than that of social media. (McKinsey)
  • When asked to opt-in to receive updates from a company, only 10% elected to do so through Facebook, while 90% chose to receive email newsletters. (Nielsen Norman Group)

Make it fast

Optimize it for search engines

Comply with the law

Have a great about page

  1. Make it very obvious what you do, within the first sentence (see example below). This is not the place for corporate jargon or indirect language, unless that’s what your target audience speaks.
  2. Write a compelling story. Nobody likes boring, you know why? Cause it’s boring. Write a compelling story. This can be your origin story or a few relevant, one-sentence case studies of people or organizations you’ve helped.
  3. Keep it short and sweet. Although a compelling story is great, your about page isn’t the place for a 20-page essay on how the NGO was born. You can link to multiple other pages, like a separate origin story page or testimonials, but try to keep your About page short and sweet.
  4. Include credentials. What has your NGO done so far? Who have you worked with? Who are the people behind it?
  5. Use text, maybe video. People want to read, and so do search engines. That’s why I don’t recommend only putting a video on your about page. Video can be used in addition to text, but there should always be some text accompanying a video (if you have one).

Double check everything

  • Does it look good on mobile?
  • Is the loading speed good?
  • Are any of my links broken?
  • If you’re using a theme, is there still demo text anywhere on the site?
  • Are my fonts and colors consistent?
  • Is every page optimized for mobile?
  • Do all my contact forms and newsletter sign up forms work?
  • Is my message clear?
  • Will random visitors understand what we do within the first 3 seconds of seeing the site?
  • Am I getting the most out of my website traffic (am I capturing email addresses)?
  • Is the flow and navigation of my website intuitive?
  • Is it easy for people to contact me?
  • Is it easy for people to find us on social media?
  • Do I make it very clear how people can contribute?

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