Using Personas for More Effective Content Marketing

What is a persona?

To put it simply, a persona is a semi-fictional person created to represent your ideal customer.

Starting with the big picture

The rise of digital marketing has given companies massive amounts of data to explore. Extracting data from the social profiles of your (potential) customers is simple, and in many cases can be automated to enrich your CRM with information regarding job titles, industries, interests, and much more.

Getting into the details

After identifying commonalities that define the customer segments where you have the most potential for success, you can begin drilling down with personas.

The craft of character

Imagine you’re writing a letter. What sounds easier: addressing a group of people who have some vague commonalities or addressing an old friend? Making your audience real, personal, and specific helps you create powerful copy and, in turn, rapport with potential customers.

  • Job titles
  • Day-to-day responsibilities
  • Hopes and dreams
  • Pains and fears
  • Common objections to sales conversations
  • Age
  • Familial situation
  • Educational level
  • Political affiliations
  • A location of residence
  • and whatever else you deem relevant

A word on style

These characters are your company’s target personas. They’re the foundation for the rest of your marketing and outreach activity.

Deciding on topics and formats

Choosing the appropriate topics and formats for your content is as important a component of your strategy as anything else discussed here.


The targeting possibilities for marketers are endless. You could lose yourself in the data, trying different models or testing ad nauseum.



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Raul Tiru

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