Ultimate Guide to Measuring Your Video Marketing Efforts

What matters to you as a business owner?

Before we dive into the individual metrics, it’s important to decide what’s most important to you as the business owner for your video marketing efforts. In general, there are three main goals that you may be chasing:

  • Building brand awareness.
  • Increasing engagement and conversion.
  • Getting a favorable return on investment.

Metrics for building brand awareness

If one of your goals is to build your brand awareness, you’re looking for ways to increase the public’s overall awareness of your company. To gauge the effectiveness of your strategy, you’ll want to look for a few specific metrics.

  • Viewer Demographics: The data in this report shows you who clicked on your video to watch it. By keeping track of this, you’ll know who is engaging with your content and their location, age, and gender. If this data doesn’t jive with your goal, you may need to adjust your ad settings or what social platforms you’re using.
  • Play Rate: This metric shows you the exact number of times a viewer clicks the “play” button on your video. If your platform doesn’t compute this automatically for you, you can take the total number of viewers and divide it by the number of visitors to your page. If your rate comes to 80%, you’ll know that 80% of your site visitors press the “play” button to watch your video. If this number is lower than you hoped for, you may need to change how you’re promoting your video to make it more enticing.
  • Impressions: The final metric for brand awareness shows you the number of times your video has been seen by viewers, even if they aren’t engaging with it directly. This will clue you if your video is intriguing to visitors and casual online users. If your impression level is low, you can adjust your ad settings to include a broader range of users, so more people are seeing your content.

Metrics for increasing engagement and conversions

If you’re a newer company or trying to revamp your branding, it’s important to measure the public’s engagement with your videos and if they’re being moved to take action.

  • Comments and Likes: This is probably one of the easiest metrics to track because it’s visible to everyone. Make it a frequent habit to take note of your “likes” and read through your comments. While comments can be brutal at times, they’ll alert you of anything that may need to be addressed. If you receive a negative comment, find a diplomatic way to respond to it and address the concerns. All comments (good or bad) will improve your SEO ranking and build your brand awareness.
  • Shares: Another huge way to measure your engagement is to see how many times viewers have shared your video. Sharing your content is one of the highest compliments you can receive, and it gets your message in front of an audience you may have never reached otherwise. This is the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth referrals, so it’s a worthy goal to chase after and take pride in.
  • Viewing Time: This metric shows the approximate time a viewer spends watching your video. It’s important to be aware of this, so you’ll know if viewers are getting your whole message or if they tune you out before you ever make your point. If your viewing time is short, your content may not be engaging enough or too long. If that’s the case, you may need to shorten the video length or give a hook in the beginning, so they have a reason to stick around.
  • Live Video Metrics: If your video is being broadcast live, you’ll have a set of metrics specific to your content that show its effectiveness. Pay attention to when the number of viewers peaks and when they taper off. If they start to drop out midway through your message, you may be going off on rabbit trails and losing viewers.
  • Click-Through Rate: Finally, this metric shows how often a visitor clicks on your video to watch it. If this metric isn’t given to you, take the number of video clicks and divide it by the total number of views. If this number is low, you may want to change up your call to action and find a better way to convince viewers to take the next step of clicking that button.

Measuring your return on investment and making adjustments

Whenever you’re investing your time and money into something, it’s important to know if you’re getting a favorable return on your investment. The following formula will help you determine exactly that. With one calculation and a few observations, you’ll know if your marketing budget should be increased or if that strategy needs to be scrapped entirely.

Follow the yellow brick road to success

Video marketing can be a costly investment of both time and money, so you need to know if your efforts are paying off or if you need to make adjustments. It should also be noted that video marketing isn’t a one-and-done effort.

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