The difference between Digital Asset Management & Document Management

Document Management System (DMS)

A DMS solution (like Google Drive or Sharepoint) is valuable for:

  • Smaller, less complex teams
  • Managing less than 1000 assets
  • Documents such as forms, contracts, reports, and letters.
  • Managing the entire document lifecycle, from its creation onwards, where live editing in the system is possible.
  • Providing audit trails, showing who accessed a document and which changes were made.
  • Check-in, check-out, and locking, where the changes of a user won’t overwrite the changes of the previous user.
  • Controlling and managing different versions and making sure there’s one single source of truth.
  • Activating a prior version of a document.
  • Sharing documents, where it is easy to circulate large files.
  • Tags, author name, document name and the description of a publication.

Digital Asset Management System (DAM)

Would you like to find a photo of a product taken at a specific side angle? Or would you like to use a campaign picture from two years ago and want to be sure that you are allowed to use it? Did the person in the picture agree to use this picture for future purposes? Or would you like to use a picture with the brand logo on it, which is still up to date?

Here are some of the unique characteristics of a DAM:

  • Bigger teams or decentralized companies with multiple locations
  • More than 1000 assets
  • Search digital assets based on a tag structure instead of a folder structure.
  • Add metadata to assets automatically. Think about author name, approval status, image size, license rights, resolution, and color depth.
  • Use advanced filtering that is especially devoted to pictures and videos, such as; color, format, categories, and resolution.
  • Use AI to find duplicates or similar images.
  • Add permissions and create specific user-profiles and roles, so the assets for a specific group will only be shown to that group.
  • Be able to track, approve and preserve assets in the system, in a workflow.
  • The possibility to connect a DAM with other digital solutions within your company (CRM, PIM, etc).
  • Enrich with extra functionalities, such as Create & Publish, to create marketing materials within the platform in a consistent and on-brand approach.

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