The Best B2B Content Marketing Metrics for Your Business

How to Measure Content Marketing Performance

1. Use an Interactive, Measurable Format

A go-to file format for most businesses, PDFs have been around for decades. Despite the familiarity and universality of PDFs, the word “decades” is a red flag considering the pace at which digital marketing has evolved.

2. Find out what resonates with your audiences

While we know most B2B buyers prefer interactive, on-demand content, it helps to know which formats resonate the most with which segments of your audience. Some marketers let the type of information inform how it’s delivered, but an understanding of whether your audience resonates more with whitepapers, reports, or eBooks will yield the results you’re looking for.

3. Test and re-test to learn what metrics should matter to your B2B marketers:

Did the prospect share your asset with their network? Great! Now you can gain all the more data from 2nd degree leads. Is one section of a whitepaper or eBook resonating more than the others? If so, it might be worth creating more content on that particular topic. Our blog on maximizing the ROI of extra-web content provides other B2B marketing KPI examples for you and your team to consider.

Content Marketing Evaluation for Your Business

Once your team has created a list of metrics and KPIs that indicate whether your content marketing efforts are successful, you’ll be able to adjust your strategy on the fly to garner even more success for your business. Not only will you increase your team’s efficiency, but you’ll gather meaningful, actionable data about the people who matter most: your customers.

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