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RPA with Conversational AI use cases

Let’s explore some use cases and understand how backend process automation meets conversation-driven automation to revolutionize many industries, both in terms of customer experience and process efficiency.

RPA in insurance

Consider insurance claims to be a complete customer journey with many interactions and processes handled by multiple systems and staff. Without speed, precision, and efficacy in the back-office, no matter how good and responsive the customer interaction aspect is, the time to settle a claim is reliant on the complete chain of events from a customer filing a claim to validation, approval, and lastly payment.

RPA in retail/merchandising

The challenge for the retail industry is to meet the towering expectations of the consumers as customers anticipate same-day or next-day delivery. In addition, the massive volume and fast-moving nature of the products increase the complexity of retail supply chain management. The question is, what is the best route ahead for the retail industry?

RPA in healthcare

Across the globe, healthcare is one of the industries where human workers act as information routers, manually moving loads of data between systems by selecting, copying, and pasting. This repetitive work is tedious and unsatisfying, and it also has a high error rate since people lose focus and interest when doing monotonous jobs. This calls for intelligent automation in healthcare.

RPA in energy & utilities

The energy and utility industry is transitioning from a largely traditional, regulation-heavy sector to one that is driven by technologies. Not only do the industry’s fundamental operations have a lot of automation potential, but there are also a lot of recurring and rule-based procedures in the back and front office, which opens up a lot of possibilities for process automation. This makes it a perfect candidate for initiatives to revolutionize customer service and boost operational efficiency.

RPA in banking

When it comes to banking, the process of applying for a loan or a credit card account and getting approval is another area where RPA and conversational AI can play a combined role.



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