Product Update: Using Foleon with HubSpot Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Helping you measure your content’s effectiveness with HubSpot

Depending on your Foleon license, we already have multiple features in place for syncing contacts with other tools. Now, for HubSpot specifically, we’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to see how your HubSpot contacts interact with Foleon content.

1. Embedding HubSpot forms in your Foleon publications

If you want to automatically add new contacts to HubSpot, you can use our Embed element to embed HubSpot forms on any page of your publication. Here’s how it works.

2. Using Zapier to connect Foleon forms to HubSpot

Alternatively, if you prefer to use our native forms or are using our lead generation features (you can’t use embedded forms in combination with this feature), you can use our Zapier integration to automatically add new contacts to HubSpot.

3. Exporting form submissions from Foleon and importing them into HubSpot

If embedding forms or using Zapier is not for you, you can also export form submissions from Foleon and import them as contacts in HubSpot.

4. NEW: Recording visitor behavior in HubSpot

As part of the Marketing add-on, this brand new feature lets you see — right on HubSpot contact timelines — whenever contacts visit your publications and how they behave.

Conclusion and future plans

With these new tools, Foleon and HubSpot work better together. You’ll also have more control over how your content performs and can more easily report on its ROI.



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Raul Tiru

Raul Tiru


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