Product Update: Always on Brand Thanks to Our New Bynder Integration

The importance of Digital Asset Management

A colleague reaches out via Slack to ask for that sales presentation from last year — remember which one I mean?

  • Spend less time searching for images, thanks to tags and categorization
  • Access up-to-date files anytime and anywhere
  • Save time and costs with more content recycling
  • Full control over access and change rights

Bynder & Foleon

The collaboration between Bynder and Foleon makes it easier for users of both platforms to manage and present digital content, which is particularly useful for maintaining brand identity. The integration makes it possible for Foleon users to access their Bynder assets directly, without uploading them to Foleon.

Getting started with the Bynder integration

Do you have a Foleon Expert license (or higher) and a Bynder account? Follow these six steps to get started right away!

  • Open the Foleon Drag & Drop-editor.
  • Add an image to your publication, or replace an existing image. In this example we’ll replace the background image of a Block, using Bynder.
  • Click Bynder in the left panel of the Media Library.
  • Enter your Bynder URL. (where do you get this??).
  • You will now be directed to your Bynder account.
  • Enter your Bynder details.
  • Now you’ll get access to your Bynder account.
  • You now have full access to all your Bynder assets from within our Media Library.
  • Choose an image file.
  • Select ‘+ Add Media’ to add the image to your publication.
  • Voila. The selected image has been added to the publication.


The integration with Bynder is a big step in our efforts to make our platform increasingly attractive for companies that want their content to stand out. The integration speeds up the process of enriching your publications using centrally stored images. By combining the power of both platforms, managing and presenting content is easier than ever before.

More information?

If you want to get started but are having trouble, or don’t have the right license, please contact us. We’re happy to help you.



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Raul Tiru

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