How we solve the hardest challenges in logistics

Fizyr has strong experience in helping worldwide leading integrators build the best, robust, and cost-effective picking cells.

World class algorithms

Fizyr algorithms provide all relevant information, including:

  • Segmentation (incl. white on white flats or reflective bags)
  • Classifiers of type of parcel (incl. box, bag, envelope/flat, tube, cylinder, deformable, etc.)
  • Determining outliers or non-conveyables
    (i.e. damaged goods)
  • Best possible grasp poses in 6 DoF
  • Multiple ordered poses per object

Robust object detection in various conditions

Trained with a unique dataset with millions of images of challenging logistics environments, our algorithms can also provide valuable information on damages, package material and slip sheets which are relevant at picking cells in harsh logistics environments.

Detection list including:

  • Boxes
  • Towels
  • Accessories
  • Free-hanging straps
  • Cardboard boxes/bags
  • Deformable objects
  • Groceries
  • Loose plastic
  • Jiffy/smart/flyer bags
  • Transparent objects
  • Bags of milk powder
  • Damaged goods (incl. gradation)
  • Envelopes / Flats Reflective packaging
  • Beauty products
  • Dangerous goods (ex. flammables)
  • White-on-white / Black-on-blackApparel/clothing in polybags
  • Closely stacked objects
  • Fragile items
  • Tubes / Cylinders
  • ElectronicsOverlapping objects
  • Loose loadSatchels
  • Trays Label (General/Handler-specific)
  • Outliers/non-conveyables

Easy and fast integration

With an easily configurable interface, Fizyr’s software runs on premises, in a standard computer, with no need for internet access. It is also hardware agnostic, which gives our clients the freedom to choose the best camera, robot and gripper for their automated picking cell and remain flexible in changing their equipment any time they want.


We successfully grew bootstrapped delivering value for money.

We are the experts and know how to create true value for our partners.

Guaranteed support
and maintenance

Through easy-to-understand specialized agreements, we make sure our clients continue to succeed also in case something happens to us (escrow).

Let’s discuss how we can help you.

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