How to Write Stories that are Felt, Remembered and turned into Action

Human storytelling and the five principles that make a story good

Preparation, QLSD and 7-point structure: the 10-minute secret to awesome storytelling

The Seven-point Storytelling Structure

  1. What is the subject I’m writing about?
  2. What is the purpose of this story and how does it connect to my higher purpose and the goals of my audience? Did I ask them? [No more than 1–2 lines preferably.]
  3. What is the main thought I want to share about the subject, and what’s the connected emotion?[-> Summarize this as the first draft for your title. Your title should tell people What this is about, Who this is for, and what you’re Promising]
  4. What is my ‘hook’ or intro?
    A ‘hook’ in storytelling is one to five lines with a new fact, a short story or anecdote; something that connects to the emotions you want to tap in to.
  5. What are my three supporting thoughts? [Summarize these as draft sub-headers]
    What three points do I want to make to support my main argument/thought? What is a logical following order that builds your argument, and builds toward your goal of;
  6. Conclusion and Call-to-action (CTA).[If it makes sense or seems necessary; summarize your main thought and how you arrived at it, and:] literally tell the reader or listener what it is they can do if they are inspired.
  7. [Short summary, for publishing, Search Engine Optimization and social sharing purposes]

Fun writing (and strict editing)

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Founder You have a story to tell. We want to help. Let’s create memorable content. #Nonprofit #SocEnt #Charity

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Raul Tiru

Raul Tiru

Founder You have a story to tell. We want to help. Let’s create memorable content. #Nonprofit #SocEnt #Charity

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