How To Put Content Insights Into Action

Reader engagement on a contact level

Tom Schoostra, Marketing Automation & Revenue Operations Specialist at Foleon, says: “This means that users can see who read what, when, and for how long. These insights are useful in so many ways, but especially in helping you decide when to reach out to a prospect.”

Working towards perfection

Let’s say that you’ve written a white paper or eBook, and you want to get as much traction on it as possible. Six to eight weeks after publishing, you check the post’s performance only to find that very few people have seen it.

Using content insights to set benchmarks

Aggregating content analytics from multiple platforms into one can deliver substantial insights faster.

Getting to grips with visual content

As the contentverse becomes more crowded, it becomes increasingly difficult for marketers to stand out and get their messages across, much less read. On top of this, audiences are changing how they consume their content. Old formats just don’t work anymore.

Make your insights actionable (not just informational)

Having the right content insights in front of you can drive sales and/or leads, engage current customers, prospects, and influencers, and increase brand awareness. Not only could you improve, pivot, and progress your content marketing strategy but also use it to prove bottom-line results to your managers.

Foleon Guide

Marketing Power Plays

Whether you’re in content, comms, or demand gen, here are some novel tactics from Foleon’s Marketing team.

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