How to Overcome the Top B2B Content Creation Challenges in 2021

What Are the Top Content Creation Challenges?

Failed B2B content marketing strategies boil down to these four obstacles:

  • Speed: the struggle to produce content consistently and quickly to meet the ever-increasing demands from various stakeholders
  • Engagement: the need to produce content that stands out and captures attention
  • Measuring Content Effectiveness: the need to understand how content is performing and what is resonating with your target audience
  • Personalization: the ability to build deeper relationships with target audiences through content

How to Use Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

It’s no longer enough to create content that simply achieves your marketing KPIs, such as an increase in traffic or leads. Content marketing has evolved to take on a more holistic role; it should be thought of as the gateway to your audiences, stakeholders, and the general public.

How to Overcome the Top Content Creation Challenges

1. Speed: Produce Consistent B2B Content at a Fast Pace

If you’re like most companies, your marketing department consists of just a few employees (or for 52% of B2Bs, as little as one employee serving the entire organization). From employee bandwidth to approvals, it’s easy for the content bottleneck to get in the way of publishing relevant information at a regular pace.

2. Engagement: Create Engaging, Interactive Content

No one likes a one-sided conversation, especially when the one doing all of the “talking” is a brand that’s trying to engage potential customers.

3. Measuring Content Effectiveness: Understand how compelling your content really is

Arguably the most important aspect of any content marketing strategy is whether it’s yielding a return on investment (ROI). According to the Content Marketing Institute, 80% of B2B marketers use metrics to measure content performance, 65% have established KPIs, and 43% measure content marketing ROI.

4. Personalization: Build deeper relationships with target audiences through content

Consider the topics and elements within your content marketing strategy that will create the most value for your customers. If you’re employing buyer personas and a buyer’s journey that cover the various audience segments, industries, and funnel stages for your target audience, you likely already have the answer to these questions (if not, here’s how you can create buyer personas, implement a buyer’s journey, and adjust your content accordingly).

The Future of Content Marketing

Meeting the demands for speed, engagement, metrics, and personalization is no easy feat, especially in a landscape that’s saturated with content marketing material. The good news? There are many content creation platforms, like Foleon, that can help your company create content at scale and adjust your marketing strategy in real-time using the power of modern analytics.



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