How to Make Your University Unforgettable to Future Students

The methods you should rely on

Of course, print communications will never go away, but its role within your marketing toolkit has already noticeably changed. Unlike the days when students would patiently wait for pamphlets and brochures from their dream schools to arrive in their mailbox, today’s students are now taking the initiative to seek out the information they want, when and how they want it.

Keep up with technology

Letting your audiences engage how they want (when they want)

Create content that’s mobile responsive

Fifty-five percent of them are on their smartphones for 5+ hours a day, and some universities have even begun catering to their browsing habits with mobile-friendly college applications.

Visually tell your school’s story

Use data to make informed decisions

Delivering the right message to prospective students

Time to experiment

Modern marketing for higher education

Popular topics



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