How To Create Digital Prospectus and Attract More Students

Create Digital Prospectus and Attract More Students

Reach modern audiences more effectively with mobile-friendly, interactive prospectus that stand out.

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Easy to use

With our intuitive drag & drop editor and suite of customizable templates, you’ll save on design costs and speed up your turnaround time.

  • Get lots of professionally designed templates
  • Use our powerful media library to manage your assets
  • Build it fast with our easy to use drag & drop editor
  • Everything is fully customizable to fit your brand


Regardless of what screen size your audience uses, your prospectus will look equally gorgeous on every device.

  • Your prospectus are responsive out-of-the-box
  • Make micro-adjustments for different screen sizes
  • Mobile users can easily swipe through your prospectus
  • Show or hide content blocks on different screen sizes

Visually immersive

With rich animations, background videos, and fluid transitions, your prospectus will leave a lasting impression.

  • Use our big selection of animations and transitions
  • Embed videos or use them as full-screen backgrounds
  • Upload your own custom fonts and always stay on-brand
  • Engage readers with forms, CTAs, hotspots, and overlays

Fully measurable

Foleon prospectus are built with cutting edge technology that lets you measure every aspect of reader behavior.

  • See important metrics at a glance with our reporting dashboard
  • Integrate your prospectus with Google Analytics for more detail
  • Use remarketing pixels to reach your audience after they leave
  • Update and optimize your prospectus even after publishing

Cutting-edge features

Our extensive collection of features and settings empowers you to produce remarkable, interactive content without getting in your way.

See all features

Create more engagement using data from your CRM to provide each reader with a customized, personalized experience.

Look like a pro and keep your prospectus on any domain or subdomain you own while taking advantage of our global CDN.

Keep your assets centralized and accessible with our powerful media library or connect your Bynder account for more control.

Reach visitors on Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn even after they leave your prospectus with remarketing pixels.

Gather accurate lead data from Facebook or LinkedIn by gating your prospectus behind social login prompts.

Get more done, faster. Add multiple users to your account, assign roles and permissions, and collaborate seamlessly.

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Co-founder, Founder Let’s create memorable content. #ContentCreation, #ContentMarketing, #Nonprofit

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Raul Tiru

Raul Tiru

Co-founder, Founder Let’s create memorable content. #ContentCreation, #ContentMarketing, #Nonprofit

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