How to Build the Best Gated-Content Landing Page

  • When to gate
  • What to gate, and
  • How to gate

Hang on — what’s all this gated content business about?

Here’s how to build a gated content landing page to attract and convert more leads.

1. Only gate your most irresistible content

2. It’s got to be love at first sight

  • Headline
  • Image
  • Lead form or link to the form
  • Call-to-action
  • Copy, description, and disclaimers

3. Make your landing page as irresistible to your audience as your gold-plated gated content

  • Does each offer solve a problem for your audience?
  • What are the benefits of the information you’re trading?
  • Is your gated content better than anything else that your competitors give away ungated?

4. Make your content fit for today’s digital consumer

5. Nail down your most brilliant copy and attractive imagery

  • Drive conversions with the most compelling title. Writing an attention-grabbing headline is an art. Test each of your options to find the most likely to convert.
  • Blind them with brilliance and striking imagery. Offer your visitors teasers of what they’ll get. They could be infographics, videos, or beautifully breathing, easy-to-digest sections of navigable information. Remember, it’s all got to be on-brand, professional, and representative of how your solution solves their problem.
  • Utilize the beauty of bullet points. Long-winded blocks of droning text? Nobody needs that on a landing page, if ever. Get to the matter as quickly as you can. Don’t waste words, so cut the fluff. Use solid headings and straplines that get straight to the point and bullets for the other details.
  • Solve problems by providing solutions. Your gated content needs to be the solution to your visitor’s problem. Don’t just tell them how you’ll solve their issues but how much better life will be for them when you do. Your customers buy on emotions, so sell the joy your product brings instead of the product itself.
  • Show social proof. When buying brand confidence and loyalty, consumers tend to trust recommendations from other brands and users more than your marketing copy. Start name-dropping, mark up quotes, and offer testimonials that make you look like your customers can’t live with you.

6. Make it as easy as possible for your prospective leads to part with their details

  • Use a highly visible, well-worded call-to-action.
  • Ask for as little information as possible: a name and an email address is enough unless your content is so valuable your prospective leads would trade their children for it.
  • Put the form — or a link or button that takes visitors directly to it — above the fold to encourage completion immediately.
  • A-B test all your features to find out which combination of elements converts most often.
  • A little ‘what you can expect’ copy helps, as does an ‘easy unsubscribe’ mention in your ‘bonuses/positives’ list.
  • Use software like ZoomInfo that can auto-fill known form fields based on their IP. If your B2B lead is on their database, you’ve already got access to the information you want without asking for it.

7. Use a thank you page instead of an inline thank you message

  • Instant access to the offer. It allows your leads an instant download to access your gated content immediately — no waiting for an email with a link.
  • The opportunity to present further information. A thank-you page frees up your follow-up email to welcome your new lead to the party. Use the email to tell them what else is up for grabs and any further offers you can use to keep them on the hook.
  • You can deliver a proper, authentic thank-you. You get to make a bigger deal of saying thank you. Don’t underestimate how far genuine appreciation goes with new contacts.
  • It’s easier to track conversions. Data is your best friend. So, by tracking your new leads via the thank-you page, you’ve got access to even more information about their online behaviors.

8. Tracking, metrics, and data

  • Landing page visits
  • Traffic sources
  • Submission rates
  • Landing page bounce rates
  • Form abandonment rates
  • Contacts (leads generated by the gated content form)
  • Industry benchmarks (to compare your success to your competition)
  • Heat mapping (to observe how your users interact with your landing page)

9. Optimize your gated content landing page for SEO

Final thoughts

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