How Successful Nonprofits Fundraise when Starting and Growing

Tags: Nonprofit Marketing, Fundraising

In this video, Amber Melanie Smith goes into how successful nonprofits fundraise when they’re growing or when they’re just getting started.

“It can be frustrating — you’re starting a nonprofit or growing one to try to make a difference and help others, but you just can’t seem to raise enough money to grow or keep things going. You see other nonprofit organizations thriving and wonder, what am I doing wrong? In this video I look at some of the common ways successful nonprofits fundraise and traits the largest nonprofits with big budgets have in common, whether they’ve grown to scale through nonprofit grants, government grants or contracts, corporate sponsorships, earned income, and more.”

In part 1, Amber goes into 5 Succesful Fundraising strategies for Nonprofits (big and small). She goes into explaining why individual donations are so powerful (make up 70% — 75% off all donations across the United States), how to cultivate relationships with individual donors and many more golden nuggets.

Originally published at on October 10, 2020.



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Raul Tiru

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