How B2B Businesses Can Benefit From Animation in Content Marketing

  • 68% of consumers prefer watching videos to learn about new services or products, as compared to ebooks, infographics, presentations, and articles.
  • Many B2B companies use a type of animation called animated explainer videos. These are brief videos (typically less than a minute long) explaining a service or product in a quick, creative way. With the help of these animated videos, demonstrating new services or explaining complicated business ideas becomes much easier.

What are the benefits of animation?

  • You can visually communicate plenty of information in an animation.
  • Animation allows you to quickly communicate ideas with no unnecessary visuals and verbiage.
  • Animated videos help cut through all the digital noise. It helps differentiate your content from others.
  • You can easily update animated videos.
  • Animated videos help upgrade your visual content.

Benefits of using animation in content marketing for B2B businesses

Effective types of animation in content marketing

  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Motion graphics

How to use animation in content

  • Explainer Animated Videos
  • Animated GIFs

Important Points To Keep In Mind While Using Animation

  • Keep it brief: Your audience might be impatient enough to go through long videos. Just make the animated video long enough to get your audience interested in your product/service. We recommend a length that’s less than 2 minutes.
  • Include a CTA: Ensure you include a CTA in your video. It should be such that it prompts the viewer to take action after watching the video.
  • Show what’s in it for your customers: The animated video should tell the customer what you and your product can do for your customers.
  • Be persuasive throughout: Corporate customers are demanding when it comes to attention to detail and the quality of the animation. Ensure you focus on every little detail to prompt your persona to take action.

The Bottom Line

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Co-founder, Founder Let’s create memorable content. #ContentCreation, #ContentMarketing, #Nonprofit

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Raul Tiru

Raul Tiru

Co-founder, Founder Let’s create memorable content. #ContentCreation, #ContentMarketing, #Nonprofit

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