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You understand the importance of valuable content. After all, you put a lot of time into writing, designing, and distributing ‘your story’ in an online magazine. But what do you get in return? How can you use your digital magazine as a powerful marketing tool? I’ll give you four tips in this blog for getting your content to help you achieve your marking goals: get to grips with your target groups, enhance your customer relationships, or support sales.

1. Use content to divide your target groups into segments

Advertising aimed at website visitors is like firing a shotgun: some ads hit their target, while the great majority misses. How can you advertise while ensuring genuine appeal? A tour company first identified the interests of its target groups by publishing online inspiration magazines about Greece, Egypt, and Malta. The visitors were then segmented based on their reading habits; the company used Google Ads to retarget them with offers for their preferred country. The result: the right ads targeted to the right audience, with a demonstrably higher click-through rate (CTR).

2. Retarget selected website visitors with targeted content

By publishing an eBook or white paper, you can radiate authority and enhance your customer relationships. But how do you go about identifying current and potential customers who might be interested in your content? One way is to retarget visitors to your website or to specific pages of your website with an online magazine. By integrating a retargeting code from Facebook ads or Google ads on your site, your visitors will be exposed to text or display ads on all sorts of external channels. These ads will link directly to your magazine, of course. The information need will become clear, and you’ll be able to present your ebook as a valuable bonus for site visitors who have shown a specific interest. Furthermore, if you promote your digital magazine as a white paper, your potential customers will be more likely to share additional personal data with you — see tip 3.

3. Generate leads with the white paper function

A PDF is a dumb document: a browsable file without any extra functionality. Nevertheless, white papers are often published as PDFs: the visitor receives the file by email in exchange for his or her email address. But an online magazine is a much better choice for a white paper! The Foleon whitepaper function will enable you to generate valuable leads: to get access to your magazine, visitors will have to provide their name and address details, or they can log in with Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. In return they’ll receive an attractive, interactive publication with lots of images, video, and an optimal experience on every device. Moreover, an online magazine is an intelligent document, enabling you to measure your readers’ interests and browsing habits. You’ll get instant insight into what your target group finds important. What content do they find appealing? What could they do without? Moreover, you can use the custom data you’ve collected to personalize future issues of your magazine!

4. Provide relevant content based on individual reading habits

Relevance is key. Clearly, you want to appeal to your readers with relevant content. Using an online magazine, you can even provide relevant content on an individual basis. All you have to do is to include a user ID when distributing your magazine. You can then use Google Analytics to see who’s read what content. You’ll see how long someone spent reading specific articles and how far down they scrolled. Have your visitors shown an interest in an article on mortgages, for instance? Then you might want to send them a special issue on homes and living, invite them for an open house, or approach them for an appointment.

More effective content marketing with smart magazines

Getting a grip on your target group’s interests, more effective segmentation, generating new leads, or even identifying the needs and interests of individual readers. Foleon enables you to create smart magazines with valuable metrics: content that will really help you to achieve your marketing goals.

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