Forget Conversion Rates, Engagement Optimization Is Where the Gold Is

The problem with conversion optimization

Now, conversion optimization is important. It has a role to play. But it’s just one specific piece in the larger puzzle of pulling leads through your funnel.

Downloads don’t signal buying intent

We were still doing it this way because, well, that’s how you do lead generation. You create a tantalizing lead magnet and put it behind a form.

Engagement optimization

Of course, if you want to measure how many pages of your eBook people read, what topics they found interesting, and where they dropped off, you’re going to run into a problem.

But what about their info

While we gathered performance data on our eBooks, leaving our content ungated meant we didn’t know most of our readers (because they hadn’t yet filled out a form).

Now what did all this do further down the funnel?

Instead of bothering “leads” who’d downloaded our white paper but probably hadn’t read it, our sales teams were now able to see precisely who was ripe for follow-up.

Get the comparison guide (ungated!)

PDF vs Foleon Doc

See, point by point, how web-based Foleon Docs stack up agains PDFs.


Switching our focus away from simple conversion rate optimization towards engagement optimization was transformational for us.

  • Stopped focusing on landing page optimization and instead on what people did after accessing our gated content.
  • Removed the form. This lets us gather more data, faster, so we could optimize our content for engagement.
  • Switched from PDF eBooks and white papers to Foleon Docs so that we could analyze each page and make rapid adjustments.
  • Mid-gated our content to gather the contact information from only those who were really interested in reading the rest.
  • Adjusted our follow-up strategy to account for what prospects actually did with the content.

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