Digital Asset Management for Manufacturing Industry

Scale your digital content to reach your customers and partners, securely.

Manufacturing companies often struggle with digital transformation and scaling their marketing and communications efforts to stay competitive and answer increasingly complex customer demands.

Managing all your digital assets from one central location helps you stay ahead of the curve and connect with your customers and distributors more efficiently by allowing you to focus your time and effort in what really makes a difference for your business.

Connect with distributors

One of the unique challenges that the manufacturing industry battles with is keeping their branded materials consistent at the many locations of their distributor and resellers. A DAM solution will help your partners access the exact right marketing materials, on time, with just two clicks.

Scale content creation

Marketers working in the manufacturing sector are under high pressure to communicate with customers and produce more content, faster. A DAM system frees up to 70% of the content creator’s time to focus on producing new material.

Store and manage efficiently

We know manufacturing businesses have thousands of images and files that are highly technical. That’s why it’s difficult to store them in an efficient way where users can find the exact right asset in seconds. With Lytho, you no longer have to spend time looking for images, videos and other files. They can focus on doing what you do best: building relationships with your potential customers and partners.


Your digital assets, like brand guidelines and new product releases are private until you decide otherwise. Lytho is a trusted partner to many manufacturing corporations, and we can help protect your content by controlling user access with your internal and external teams and following strict security standards.

Why Lytho is the #1 choice for the manufacturing industry

Lytho is a trusted partner of many organizations in the manufacturing sector. We’ve helped companies like DAF and Segway grow their online marketing and communications efforts and streamline processes so they can focus on adding value to the growing pool of customers. You shouldn’t worry about brand consistency and security of your assets.

  • Securely store, share, and control all of your assets in a single source of truth.
  • Scale your digital content and design work to be more present for your customers and partners.
  • With Lytho, wasting time sifting through endless folder structures and files is a thing of the past.
  • Prevent inadequate use of assets that could damage your brand by managing access and user restrictions.
  • Manage essential brand guidelines, safeguarding your brand identity.

Improve your marketing performance with DAM

Remove excess, get rid of distractions and start maximizing people’s talents. Download the white paper below.




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