Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software for Nonprofits

Why Branding and Content matters and how Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software can help Nonprofits to win the hearts of Donors and Volunteers.

Branding is key to nonprofits, content helps to build a brand and a Digital Asset Management system helps to scale content while always staying on brand.

No one will donate to a charity without trusting that their money will be put to good use. A strong brand and transparency are the foundation of a strong nonprofit. NGOs that share monthly or annual reports, use content to showcase how they’re making an impact and stay top of mind with beautiful emails and a strong social media presence win over those that hardly ever share anything about their cause.

In this article, we’ll go into:

  • What a Digital Asset Management system is and how it helps scale your content while always staying on brand.
  • What to consider when selecting a Digital Asset Management solution that fits your needs.
  • How to get started with implementing a DAM.

What is a Digital Asset Management System and what are the benefits?

A DAM helps you store, organize and share all your digital assets from within one single source of truth.

Digital Assets are for instance: logo, social media posts, PowerPoint presentations, icons, flyers, etc.

Storing/organizing digital assets: you most likely do on your laptop(s), SharePoint, Google Drive, DropBox, etc. Meaning, there is not one single source of truth, no one person knows exactly where all files are stored, what the latest version is, if an asset is 100% on brand, who created it, etc.

With a Digital Asset Management platform, you can store all your digital assets on one platform, in the cloud, add permissions to users, see who created an asset and easily check if an asset is on-brand.

Sharing digital assets: you most likely do by sharing a DropBox link, sending files via WeTransfer or email, etc. This makes it time-consuming and the one receiving the files, making adjustments and sending them back, never knows if she is working on the latest version.

With a digital asset management system, you can share a link of a file and make changes in real-time.

How a Digital Asset Management system helps you scale your content while always staying on-brand

For this particular benefit, we’ll take Lytho’s Digital Asset Management software with her create & publish feature into account.

Next to storing, organizing and sharing, Lytho’s create & publish feature helps you to create templates, share them with any user and help any user to create branded content at scale. Within the template, you decide which elements users can move around, change, add new elements and which elements should stay fixed.

This means, that any user:

  • Can create beautifully branded content without the need of an expensive design tool or knowledge.
  • Can create a new piece of content within one minute.
  • Can help scale on-brand content creation and put your nonprofit on the map!

Nonprofits often work with volunteers that don’t necessarily have design know-how or expensive design tools installed on their laptop. But as you can see, this is a problem of the past with Lytho’s create & publish feature.

Digital Asset Management implementation plan [Checklist]

As you can see, a Digital Asset Management system is one of those tools that, once you get started with, you can never go back. But how do you get started?

Here’s a checklist:

Self-assessment questions to make the business case:

  • How many pieces of digital assets do you have (approximately)?
  • How many of these pieces of assets are not on brand?
  • How many systems do you use to store your digital assets?
  • How do you share your digital assets at the moment and how much time does it usually take?
  • With how many people do you share your assets with?
  • How do you create branded content at the moment?
  • How many people are able to create branded content at the moment?
  • How much time does it cost to create one piece of content at the moment?
  • How many people can help create branded content after using Lytho’s create & publish feature?
  • What are your biggest bottlenecks?
  • Using too many systems?
  • Losing digital assets because no one knows where they are?
  • Losing too much time downloading/uploading/sharing digital assets?
  • Having too many pieces of content not being on brand?
  • Not being able to utilize the power of all employees/volunteers to create content?
  • In which areas can a Digital Asset Management system benefit you best (store, organize, share, create)?
  • What would the business value be in investing in a DAM system (rough estimation)?

Comparing Digital Asset Management vendors:

  • Which Digital Asset Management tool would best fulfill your needs?
  • How will the vendor help you to set everything up?
  • How much of what is discussed in this article can the DAM on your shortlist actually do (Lytho’s create & publish feature is pretty unique)?
  • How do they calculate your business case to invest in a DAM system?

In short

A Digital Asset Management system can be very powerful and can help in many ways. Now, you can hopefully better assess your situation and see if you would like to invest your time in learning more about how a DAM can help you.

If you would like to learn more, check out Lytho’s free e-book on ‘Supercharging marketing performance with a Digital Asset Management system‘.

If you have any questions, share them in the comment section below.

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Originally published at on July 5, 2020.



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