Digital Asset Management: 10 frequently used terms

1. Digital Asset Management

2. Digital assets

3. SaaS

IT people love to use acronyms or synonyms for technical related subjects. SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a Cloud solution. Software as a Service is the perfect solution for businesses with multiple offices. Users have access where ever since all information can be found online in a secure environment.

4. Create and Publish

In a Create and Publish module, it is possible to efficiently create, publish and print marketing collateral. Some DAM-software allows you to use customized templates. This ensures consistency, prevents errors and removes the need to call in a graphic designer for every publishing task.

5. Metadata

Metadata is often used to find content quickly and efficiently. Data exists of different components, metadata describes these characteristics. Components of product information are for instance descriptions, prices, product lines or categories. By adding metadata, or tags, you categorize information and you can easily retrieve it at any given moment. Instead of searching through multiple folders and files, the right content is easily found with the added metadata.

6. Albums vs. collections

7. Asset variants

Asset variants are different ‘versions’ or ‘editions’ of an original asset. These can be logos in different editions or resolutions, or documents in several file types. Asset variants are not literally versions of assets. Versions can be innovations or improvements of content, variants are alternatives of the original. Other terms for variants are renditions, proxies or surrogates.

8. PIM

9. Rights Management

Rights Management is a way to implement an efficient workflow. In DAM-software users can be assigned different roles and rights, meaning everyone has different access rights. This is very convenient for companies with partners that need access to content that is relevant to them.

10. Brand Identity

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