5 Ways Organizations can Fight Climate Change to Build a Better Future

The world has been going through an environmental crisis for decades, but now we are reaching a tipping point. Here’s how organizations can fight climate change.

The world has been going through an environmental crisis for decades, but now we are reaching a tipping point. If we don’t stand together against climate change and global warming soon, we might not be able to revert its effects at all. While there are many possible solutions for fighting climate change, it’s important to recognize that only by standing united in the commercial, governmental, and public realms can we truly make a difference.

That said, you can’t wait around for things to change all on their own, as you need to take the necessary steps yourself and lead the industry by example. With that in mind, today we are going over the five great ways your organization can help fight climate change, improve sustainability, and reshape the world for a better, brighter future.

It all starts with a green policy

Ensuring compliance is not just a great way to get a government incentive — it’s also an opportunity to do good, build an amazing brand, and make your business more environmentally-friendly in the long run. Of course, green transformation always starts with your employees, and chances are that they’re not sure how they can contribute to conservation and preservation in the workplace. To create and effectuate a green policy, you’ll first need to run a sustainability audit, focusing on the most wasteful areas of any business.

These include energy consumption, CO2 emissions, overall waste production, average waste production per employee, long-term conservation potential in terms of energy and water consumption, and more. You can get external professionals and consultants to run such a comprehensive audit for you, so that you can generate a green policy based on actionable reports and data.

This policy should outline specific problems and their solutions, as well as long-term strategies for green transformation. Most importantly as far as employee action goes, the policy should outline all the steps an employee should take to minimize waste, CO2, and energy consumption in general.

Bring business travel to a minimum

Business travel might not be such a frequent occurrence nowadays, and it won’t be prevalent as long as COVID prevention measures are in effect around the world. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be aware of the effects of business travel on the environment, or that you shouldn’t plan for minimizing your own business travel in the future. After all, the pandemic will pass, and you will need to make a choice not to contribute to global CO2 emissions that were polluting the world before COVID-19.

If you are looking for simple ways to fight and prevent climate change, then simply turn your attention to alternative ways of meeting your clients, customers and partners. Instead of flying across the country to meet a client, simply communicate with them via digital channels. If travel is unavoidable, though, then make sure to adhere to green travel rules to minimize your impact on the environment.

Join relevant organizations

The organizations and causes you support through them can speak volumes about your company, and it can also help you build an image of a green and sustainable brand. More importantly, of course, support the right organizations will make a big impact on the natural world around you, and actually contribute to preservation and conservation over the long term. It also helps you raise awareness for other companies to follow in your footsteps.

For example, some of the most popular VoIP providers including Nextiva have joined carbonfund.org over a decade ago and aside from innovating various green solutions in their field of business communications, they have been using this partnership to spread the word about sustainability and important environmental issues around the world. This is the kind of initiative that we need to see more of in the modern business landscape so that leaders from other industries know which organizations to support and how to spread the word of their actions — if more companies did the same, we would have an easier time transforming the business sector.

Make your supply chain more sustainable

Nowadays, you can’t be the only link in your supply chain that adheres to sustainable and green practices. If you are a sustainable business but other partners in your supply chain are producing waste, exploiting laborers, or harming the environment in any way, you can bet that your brand will assume some of the blame for their impact on the natural world.

Needless to say, if you want to reverse climate change, you need to choose your partners carefully and create a sustainable supply chain where every link promotes and stands up for green and sustainable solutions.

Incentivize carpooling to work

Lastly, one of the simplest ways to contribute to conservation and preservation is to simply incentivize employees to use alternative ways to commute to work. The best is, of course, to have them bike to work or even walk, but if that’s not possible, then they should at least organize carpool parties to travel to work in a more sustainable fashion.

Over to you

Climate change is a pressing issue, one that can no longer wait. If we are to build a better world for future generations, we need to act now, so make sure to adopt these tactics to make your business more sustainable over the long term.

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